The Best Gifts for Cleaning Freaks – Part 2

July 25th, 2016
Jamie Morton

Clean freak gift ideasIn the first part of the article, we offered you some cool cleaning tools that would be highly appreciated by a friend of yours who is obsessed with catching every dust particle before it settles to a surface. The suggestions were budget-friendly and suitable for both tiny apartments where the lack of space is a big problem as well as spacious houses where cleaning usually takes ages.

Here are some more fantastic ideas that will make the perfect gift brainstorming much easier:

  • If your friend has a pet, the upholstery cleaning should be among their top priorities. The pet’s hair, stuck on the sofa, causes a headache to every cleaning freak. That’s why you can come up with a pair of colourful gloves suitable for removing loose hairs. Although the hair removal can be done with a pair of standard domestic gloves, the entire process would be easier if you give your friend gloves tailored especially for that purpose. They can be used for cleaning the car upholstery, too. If you take your time and visit a pets’ store, you will also find gloves for grooming cats and dogs. They collect the loose hair and even if the furry creature loves rolling on the sofa, the amount of hair it leaves would be minimised.
  • Admit it that you have a bunch of plastic bags carelessly thrown in the closet or just stuffed in a big bag. A neat freak would start nagging at the sight of this mess. Bearing that in mind, you can get a plastic bag dispenser as a gift. It looks aesthetically good and it can be installed on the wall.
  • Cleaning freaks usually have a well-established cleaning routine and they strictly follow it and even add some small tasks they consider important. That sounds a bit crazy to those of us who regard cleaning as the most tedious task for the week, but anyway, an organizer containing a thorough list of the cleaning procedures that need to be completed during the week/ month is a nice idea for a gift. Of course, your friend does not need a reminder to clean the carpet or do the dusting, but it would be nice to have a systemised cleaning checklist for the areas that are frequently overlooked or have the chance to learn a bunch of time-saving cleaning tips.
  • If the host of the party you are going to is a girl and you know that she is a real make-up artist and has tons of luxurious cosmetics, why don’t you consider buying her a special mat for brush cleaning? Regular sanitising of the beauty tools is a must-do activity, so your gift would be highly appreciated as it will make the cleaning procedure more effective and less time-consuming.
  • If you can afford to buy a more expensive gift, consider buying a cleaning robot. Depending on the areas they clean, their prices greatly vary, but a floor cleaning robot seems a nice idea. Domestic cleaning will be a piece of cake as the new maid will be the perfect assistant!
  • The quality of the indoor air matters and buying an air purifier is yet another fantastic idea for a gift. You can find a huge variety of sizes and shapes, so it is up to you to choose the design that best matches the interior of your friend’s house.
  • What do you think about germ killing knife blocks? Yes, there is such a thing and it is advertised as an irreplaceable tool for eliminating all kinds of germs and bacteria from the knives. You just have to put them on the block as soon as you take them out of the dishwasher.
  • Every cleaning freak would appreciate it if you get them designer cleaning detergents be it a luxurious hand soap, sanitiser or any other cleaning product you consider suitable.
  • For a neat freak, another broom, dustpan or a brush is never too much. If you have a tight budget, but you still want to get a great gift, consider a colourful trash can your friend can put on a desk or near the kitchen sink. A pair of a dustpan and broom with a funny sticker or in the favourite colour of your friend would also be a nice budget-friendly gift.
  • Remember how your parents nagged about eating fruits and vegetables without thoroughly washing them first? Now, there are special gloves that help you make your fruits and vegetables ready to eat without removing the useful nutrients from the peel. They are particularly suitable when you are going camping or you just want to make sure the apples you bought from the supermarket are safe to eat.

These were some of the fresh ideas for making a wonderful gift to a friend who loves cleaning. Opt for one of them and you can rest assured your gift would not be added to the useless ones tossed in the closet.

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