The Best Gifts for Cleaning Freaks – Part 1

July 18th, 2016
Jamie Morton

Gift ideas for neat freaksAdmit it – whenever you are invited to a birthday party or to a housewarming party, you always find it difficult to think about a gift that would make the host feel special. The situation gets even worse if you have not been in touch with that person recently or you barely know his/ her interests or hobbies. However, coming up with a personalised gift is not always easy, given the incredible variety of more or less useful stuff you can find in online and land based stores.

If you know that the person whose party you have been invited to is passionate about cleaning and maintaining the highest level of hygiene at home, then, go ahead and buy something related to cleaning. No, it is not necessary to buy a pack of microfiber towels or kitchen sponges. There are far more unusual and yet useful items you can find. There are a few suggestions outlined below. Choose the one that fits your budget and you will definitely make a nice impression to your friend:

  • Which is the most tedious domestic cleaning chore you just hate performing? For many of us, that’s the cleaning of pieces of electronics and laptops, in particular. Even if your cleaning freak friends have a maid at home, it is still a tedious job that has to be done pretty much on a daily basis so they can`t just rely on her to do the job for them. No matter how hard one tries, it is almost impossible to remove the tiny dust particles stick in between the buttons. In this case, getting a mini vacuum cleaner is a good idea. What’s more, you will find special cleaning pens on the Internet that allow you to clean even the most inaccessible places and remove the dirt accumulated in the corners of the computer screen/ kindle/ tablet. They are relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to set aside half of your weekly wage for a present.
  • Cell phones are a real haven for germs, not to mention the unpleasant fingerprints you unintentionally leave on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. A neat freak would appreciate it if you give them a present such as a tie or a keychain that have the “function” of cleaning and sanitising smartphone displays without causing damages and scratches.
  • Floor cleaning is yet another problematic issue for neat freaks. They get mad if someone steps on the floor before it is completely dry. However, you can provide your obsessed with cleaning friend with the chance to keep the floor dirt- free all the time. For the purpose, you can get slippers that act as a mop. Actually, that’s a wonderful gift for those who love multitasking and it is a vivid example of the “Clean as you go” method. You just put your slippers on and they catch the dirt. Plus, they keep your feet warm.
  • No matter if you are a cleaning freak or you don’t feel guilty for skipping the weekly cleaning once or twice, you inevitably get to a point when you have to take a good care of the carpet. Do you know which the main reason why the carpets look dirty is? The dirt and dust particles floating in the air settle in the carpet fibres. In order to minimise their accumulation and make the carpet cleaning easier, you should always ask your guests to take their shoes off before they enter your living room. So, you can get your friend a mat that would do the nagging for him/ her. You can find hundreds of mats varieties with a funny “warning” for the consequences awaiting anyone who enters the house without taking their shoes off.
  • People who do not take cleanliness too seriously usually associate travelling with the great experience they are going to have and the excitement of visiting a place they have been to before. However, the first thing that comes up to a cleaning freak’s mind when it comes to public transport is the dirt and germs on the seat. In this case, the best gift you can get is a “magic wand” that is said to eliminate 99.9% of the germs accumulated in the upholstery, through UV-C light. When you give the present, you can also mention that this technology is used for sanitising surfaces in hospitals. Your cleaning freak friend will definitely be delighted. There is one important detail, though. He/ she might not be allowed to take the germ-killer magic wand on the plane. Yet, it does a wonderful job when it comes to travelling by bus or train. Unfortunately, the wand cannot do a miracle if you come across a fellow traveller you don’t like, but that’s one of the perks of using the public transport.

If you consider none of the above suggestions suitable for a gift, check out the second part of the article where the list of cleaning gadgets and tools is even more comprehensive second part of the article where the list of cleaning gadgets and tools is even more comprehensive.

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