How to Improve Your Office Without Shrinking Your Budget

June 16th, 2016
Alec Rogers

How to improve your officeYour office should be as comfortable as your home – you spend most of your day there. However, when it comes to improving and decorating it a lot of things should be taken into account because the decor would not only represent you but your business, too.You should combine the warmth of home with a professional business image because it is proven that these offices are the most productive ones. Still, this may be a complex task. Read on and check few tips on decorating your office without spending a fortune.

  • You should always ensure that a first-time visitor would be given a good impression. Is your office organised and does it show a healthy and active business? Is the commercial flooring chosen in accordance with the individual needs of your work? Your office should be both a practical workplace still a warm welcoming environment for colleagues and clients. You should not hesitate but invest few pounds in plants to place on the entrance of your office and make sure the overall view is clean and inviting. It’s advisable to book office cleaning procedures once a week and ensure that the first impression of the visitors is right – who doesn’t like neat and tidy workplaces?

  • There’s no need to repaint the whole office if you want just to refreshen it. If the current colours are neutral you can just add a splash of a bright colour to contrast and create an inspirational and productive atmosphere. Of course, you should consider incorporating your company’s branding into the office decor. Try using the colours of your logo accents and don`t fear using vibrant approach – this may sound trivial but it has a powerful impact when potential clients are coming. If you have started this little renovation project you can consider floor polishing as whatever the floor material is, offices are high traffic areas which mean they are prone to scratches. You can`t have perfect walls and neglect the floor – the worst thing that can happen to your future customers is to step onto a tainted one.

  • Pay attention to your office furniture but don`t spend a fortune on in. Check for the cost-effective alternatives and don`t think that a random office-supply store is the best place to buy it. There are a lot of discount stores that can offer you great deals. Don`t be tempted by leasing furniture – in the end, it will be more expensive than buying a new one. A lot of people rush to buy everything at the same time but the smarter way is to buy one piece at a time rather than buying a set. When you purchase furniture that is similar in colour and style you would end up with more options and it is unlikely someone to notice the difference in the hue. Have in mind that it should suit the colour of the floor – if you need you can take a sample from the flooring shop you have purchased the material and carry it when you are browsing for furniture!

  • It is essential to keep the clutter away from your office – any file boxes, old documents and papers and other office waste should be organised in some way or just cleared away. The most common office lie is ‘we’ll get to organise it eventually’ – usually, this never happens. To solve this issue you can choose a certain day of the month to declutter your office – try making this a habit so no huge stacks of papers are around. Get some boxes and put the papers that you may need, the rest you can discard. You will notice how over time the clutter will dramatically reduce and you will see how this organised atmosphere actually makes you more energetic!

  • Now that you got rid of the clutter, decide which office supplies can be reorganised in order to make more space. If your office is not that big, there always is an office space race. When you are a small business owner, office space is at a premium but simply by creating functional spaces your office will seem more spacious in no time! Make areas for particular office activities. For example, keep the files and archives in one place and put all the office appliances such as a printer, copier and fax machine in another. By creating dedicated storage areas you will find it easier to keep your office tidy.

  • Many people neglect some common sense things like taking full advantage of the natural light at your workplace. How are your employees` desks organised? Do they get appropriate lightning? If there are any harsh fluorescent lights – get rid of them as they are not good for the eyesight. Add indirect lightings such as task lights and lamps. Another thing is that the desks should be placed in a way that people have their personal privacy and still be able to communicate with each other. This will bring a comfortable and practical atmosphere to your office which will increase the productivity.

  • A lot of health issues, such as eye strain and back pain, can decrease drastically your employees` performance. A lot of employers underrate ergonomic design and think it is an avoidable expense but actually, it is an investment that can save you money in the long run. It’s recommended to contact an ergonomics coordinator who can help you in placing monitors, keyboards and the other office equipment properly. A common mistake that employers do is to buy office chairs that do not provide good support. If you make your employees feel happy and comfortable at their workplace, you will motivate them, they will work harder and you will achieve a healthful work environment.

If you want your business to flourish, you should start with improving your office. Maintaining a great work environment guarantees happy and motivated employees which will not consider their office a tedious place but a place they love going to every day!

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