Factors to Consider When Buying Flooring for Your Bathroom

November 16th, 2016
Susan Williams

Factors to Consider When Buying Flooring for Your BathroomThere are so many factors to be considered before you head to the store and buy a flooring solution for your bathroom. From good design to safety and durability, you should carefully distinguish the one that will suit your bathroom the best as well as meet your demands without spending a fortune.

It`s necessary to install flooring that can tolerate water spills and dampness without becoming slippery. The abundance in the market may confuse you but if you are well-informed, you will not find any difficulty in choosing the best alternative for your home. Along with the fact it should endure heavy wear and high traffic, the bathroom floor should complement your personal style. In this article, you will read find the most important factors and what you should consider before you make your final decision.

  • Budget – many homeowners don’t realise that flooring is just a one-time investment and if you choose wisely, it will serve you for decades. We are not saying that you should choose a floor with a steep price to ensure a better outcome. What we mean is that you should not make compromises with the quality – cheap materials will definitely need a sooner than expected repair work which will result in extra expenses. Choose the flooring solution that fits your budget but also your style. As a very cost-effective option is ceramic – its everlasting surface and a wide design range make it a smart choice.
  • Style – choosing the style that will fit your home the best is not as easy as it seems. Of course, the good looks should be your priority but combine that with longevity and durability. You are highly recommended to check the flooring showrooms in your area and see which solution will complement best your premises. There are so many options available so you will definitely find the one that combines style, design and comfort.
  • Easy Maintenance and Durability – as we already mentioned, the endurance of the flooring in the bathroom is very important along with the maintenance it has to be provided. When you choose a material which requires a relatively simple cleaning regime, you will save a lot of hassle. Vinyl flooring is one of the most resilient and durable flooring solutions you can choose for your bathroom. It is water-resistant and will not cause any problem to the subfloor. Another popular choice is installing ceramic tiles. They are durable and affordable and very easy to maintain. However, they will need periodic grout maintenance.
  • Professional Installation vs DIY – there are some things to have in mind before you decide to carry out the flooring project on your own. Yes, you will probably save some money but don’t forget that you should get all the tools and materials which simply means additional costs. Each floor has specific requirements for installation and if you are not experienced enough, this may lead to a floor issue sooner than expected (more expenses!). Before making your final decision and choosing the flooring solution, request a quote for professional flooring installation and estimate how much it will be for the DIY project (including tools, materials and of course, your free time).
  • Safety – some of the essentials are concerning the safety factor. Safety traction is important. The right surface will prevent any risks of slips and trips as well as avoid water damage. Recommended flooring types are rubber and cork – they offer the safest surface, reducing the chances of slipping and falling.
  • Insulation – adding insulation is important as it will not only provide warmer surface underfoot but it will reduce the subfloor moisture. Choosing the proper insulation for your bathroom will keep the temperature comfortable during the whole year. A polystyrene is a smart option for an effective thermal barrier – consider that, too.

As a conclusion, we should say that if you take into account the aforementioned information, there will be no problem in finding the most suitable bathroom flooring solution for you. Bathrooms, without a doubt, are important premises that should be provided with both aesthetically pleasing looks and comfort. The material must be stain-resistant, moisture-proof and durable. If your household has toddlers and elderly, choosing the safest option available is recommended to eliminate the risk of accidents. Choose your floor so it makes you feel good – consider the colour of the walls, the bathroom accessories and small details like light fixtures. If you are an environmentally-friendly homeowner, check the options that are green and eco-friendly.

As you can see, with a good plan and a couple of hours checking samples in the stores and showrooms, you will be able to create a cosy and stylish atmosphere in your bathroom!

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