Everything You Need to Know About Oak Flooring

August 10th, 2016
Susan Williams

Oak Flooring - Pros and ConsMany homeowners love solid wood flooring as they bring elegance and magnificence to any place. Along with that, it is highly durable and its maintenance is relatively easy. Your floor can last a lifetime provided with the right care.

In this article, we will look at solid oak flooring in particular. If you are looking for a great investment at your house – choose solid oak flooring. Below you will find some more information:

  • Let`s begin with some details about oak trees. An oak is a tree (or a shrub) of the beech family. Oak trees have spirally-arranged leaves. The fruit of the tree is called acorn. Some live oaks are defined as evergreen and they are large in size. Oak is used in the manufacture of barrels for storing whisky, brandy, wine and other liquors and adds a specific aroma to these spirit drinks. Oak is a national plant of many countries (France, the USA, Poland, England, etc.) and symbolises endurance and strength.
  • Solid oak flooring is made from single pieces of the tree that are about 20mm thick. It is extremely dent and scratch-resistant. Many people prefer it because it provides durability combined with unique grain patterns – solid oak is one of the hardest woods in the world. It comes in both dark and light tones and when lacquered the grain pattern becomes even richer and more attractive and can create a rustic feel.  
  • A very commonly used flooring is the red oak (this is the name of the tree and not the actual colour of the wood). It holds wood stains evenly and comes in a broad range of colours. It has the same features in terms of durability so if you are not considering using area rugs, you now know it is a good flooring solution that resists dents. Before you consider installing oak flooring, have in mind that you can also choose an unfinished state that can be done on site. A reputable flooring contractor points out that factory finishes are more resilient and consistent but when floors are finished on-site you will have more finish options. In other words, neither alternative is a bad one – it all depends on your current flooring project.
  • Of course, a very important aspect that should be considered is the price. Don`t expect oak flooring to come at a cheap cost as because of its incredible properties, it has a longer lifespan than most of the floors. Real wood is more expensive – it is your safest bet if you want to increase the value of your property.
  • Some more information that may be useful for you is on choosing the right finish. When you are installing solid oak flooring at home you should know the differences between the types of finishes. In order to get the best look for your interior, know your options. Your first option is hand scraped – this will create a slightly worn and old look. In fact, hand scraping makes every flooring look differently so if you are opting for something unique, choose this type of finish. It can be both created by hand or machine – it is a perfect way to emphasise on the beauty of the solid oak flooring. Your other option is to go for a lacquered finish. It is applied to protect the surface and provide it with a glossy look. This finish is recommended for areas are subject to heavy footfall such as living rooms and hallways. They lacquer sits on the surface of oak and does not sink in like oil. Your third option is brushed and oiled. This process involves hard wax oil and provides both a deep penetrating and surface protection. It is the ideal alternative is you are looking for a natural finish to your oak flooring. Don`t miss to visit your nearest flooring shop and discuss your flooring project with the professionals –  they will give you helpful advice.
  • What is the right way to take care of your solid oak flooring? The fact that it is created from a single piece of wood, makes it susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature. Every home has a different climate and the factors are many – type of heating, the amount of moisture, the temperature and amount of ventilation. Wood absorbs moisture and this results in expanding and contrasting. If the humidity of the room is ranging between 40% and 60%, your oak flooring should not be affected. Provide your home with a thermo-hydrometer. Most of the solid oak floors are easy to maintain. Remove and dust and grit by sweeping or vacuuming on a regular basis and mop it using a solution of water and a mild soap. You are recommended to use pads on the legs of the furniture to avoid any marks on your flooring.

What do you think? Oak flooring seems to be an outstanding flooring solution which will bring a luxurious and elegant touch to your property!

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