Cleaning Applications of Common Household Products

May 17th, 2016
Jamie Morton

Uses for common household productsAll too often we are so impressed by the qualities of the advertised cleaning supplies that we are likely to spend more on a cleaning product claiming that it can do miracles with the germs elimination and the overall cleanliness. Of course, no business is successful without proper advertising and nobody can deny there are products that actually do a great job and make the cleaning routine much more bearable. However, you have to admit that most purchases of cleaning products did not lead to the expected outstanding outcome and you ended up with a bucket full of cleaning supplies of mediocre quality. If you are a person who is always willing to find life hacks making the cleaning routine easier, you should definitely be interested in the current article as it puts forward little-known applications of common household items. In other words, it is not necessary to buy an expensive cleaning solution before you try the following tricks:

  • Have you ever heard of WD-40? You sure had, but you are probably unaware of its numerous applications around the house. Apart from fixing squeaky doors, WD-40 can be used as a stain remover. You can successfully remove tea stains from the kitchen counter or a chewing gum from the carpet. So, if you are about to move out and in need to perform an end of tenancy cleaning before calling the professionals try using it. Every small stain needs to be treated so get yourself a bottle of WD-40 and clean the bathroom tiles, remove scuffs, fix doors and even remove crayon marks from the walls.

  • Even if you are not so passionate about baking and spending time in the kitchen, you should have basic kitchen tools such as a pastry brush. It is excellent for coating pies with eggs, but it can also be used for cleaning delicate surfaces and pieces of electronics. Who knew that dusting your paintings will be so much easier now?

  • You might not be surprised to know that the ingredients that eco-friendly cleaning detergents contain are to be found in your kitchen. These include baking soda and vinegar. Apart from their vast application in the preparation of some tasty dishes, they can also help you clean the mess after that. Lemon juice is an excellent solution for removing hard water marks and bringing back the shine of stainless steel objects.

  • If you look after a long-haired cat or dog, you must be well-aware of the difficulties you have to face when you clean your carpet. No matter how often you vacuum, there is always pet hair. So, you can easily remedy the situation by running a damp rubber glove through the carpet or just use duct tape. All hairs, the vacuum failed to hover, will stick to the sticky tape. If you feel that your rug lost its overall freshness better book a carpet cleaning service – not only all the hairs will be removed but also all the germs that are accumulating in the fibres will be eliminated.

  • Hockey sticks make the perfect extension that enables you to reach the high windows. You can wrap a microfibre cloth onto the stick and get down cobwebs.

  • Apart from making your teeth white and healthy, a top quality toothpaste has a few applications around the household. Apply some toothpaste onto a microfibre cloth and polish the silverware. Do the same if you want to remove minor scratches from your desktop or mobile device screen.

  • If you have to lift an ink stain from the sofa or your favourite t-shirt, you can simply treat it with hair spray. Although it works best on polyester fabrics, it would not hurt if you try it on another material. Apply the hairspray to the stain, let it take effect for 30 seconds, and wipe away. Proceed with a standard rinsing with hot water and laundry detergent.

  • Fizzy drinks and cola, in particular, have a lot of opponents and proponents. No matter if you regard them as refreshing beverages or not, you can still use it for cleaning purposes. Cola can effectively sanitise the toilet bowl. It also works well when you need to remove rust from a metal surface. You can also treat a red wine stain if you pour some club soda on the damaged area!

  • Everyone, keen on solving their cleaning issues without toxic detergents, keeps hydrogen peroxide at home. It can effectively sanitise bathtubs, sinks, mirrors and much more. For better results, you can combine it with white vinegar!

  • Many people are convinced that glass cleaner is suitable for all kinds of surfaces and even call it a multi-purpose cleaner. Did you know that you can maintain the glossy appearance of your leather sofa or jacket if you spray the substance onto a microfibre cloth and apply to the leather surface? If you run out of a glass cleaner right before the start of the window cleaning procedure, you can just substitute it with a shaving cream.

These were some tricks that can help you keep your house in a good condition. Even if you have not heard about them, now you are encouraged to experiment. You never know which of the cleaning solutions would help you the most for the needs of your household if you don`t try them!

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