Citrus Fruit Peels For Your Household And Garden

April 7th, 2016
Jamie Morton

Household uses for citrus peelsAlmost all people love to eat citrus fruit. In a case in your household, many citrus fruits are consumed, you may take advantage of the peels. Instead of getting rid of them or simply composting them, you have to know that they may be used in so many different ways.As a result, you will not only achieve a wonderful outcome, but you will also save some money. In this article, you will find some very interesting suggestions, so read carefully:

  • First of all, it’s very important to know which peels you may use. There are so many types of citrus (such as grapefruit, orange, lime, pomelo, mandarin, tangerines, lemon, kumquat) so you may choose those you like most. It’s recommended to wash the peels very carefully in order to remove all chemical traces. You know that producers often spray them with various chemicals in order to keep them fresh for longer. However, if you can find citrus fruit from organic sources, it will be wonderful.

  • Use peels for cooking. For instance, you may prepare marmalade from kumquat peels. It’s necessary to cook the peel with sugar water until it becomes like syrup. What about the so widespread lemons? Most people infuse lemon peel in their cup of tea in order to add fresh lemon aroma. Moreover – you may also prepare lemon brandy from peels. Just browse the web for the exact recipe. Plus, lemon peels may be applied when roasting chicken. Just put the peels inside the chicken, then roast and see the amazing final result. Your chicken will taste and smell great. Let’s not forget about cocktails! Lemon is very often used as a cocktail garnish. When it comes to orange peels, they will help you to keep your brown sugar soft. All you have to do is to put the orange peels in the packaging with the brown sugar. Furthermore – have you ever tried water, that is flavoured with lemon peels? Doesn’t it taste wonderful? When it comes to mandarin peels, you may prepare some fragrant tea from them. Diligent washing of the peel is mandatory before experimenting. Then pour some boiling water into a cup and add the peels. Now, just enjoy your lovely tea with a good friend or alone.

  • Use citrus fruit peels in your household. Have you unpleasant smells in your fridge? Put some lemon peels inside and they will easily absorb the nasty smell. However, don’t forget to include defrosting and cleaning of your refrigerator in your list with domestic cleaning tasks. In winter, dry peels may be used as kindling for your fireplace. You may also prepare your own freshener for wardrobe and drawers. Just put the peels inside a sachet in advance or prepare a DIY little bag from textile. This is an excellent method to scent your clothes with delicate citrus fragrance. You may also flavour the room with your own potpourri, prepared with citrus fruit peels. Start by drying the peel. When it turns into crisp, it’s ready. After that, you may grind it coarsely and add to potpourri. Store the grinded peels in a glass jar until needed. Browse the web for more details about how to make DIY potpourri. Some housekeepers who are really handy may prepare summer soap or perfume from peels. If you are one of them, browse the web for some video tutorials and start your project!

  • Sometimes you need to clean up a mess at home and you don’t have a commercial detergent on hand. No problem, it happens even to the best housewives. Instead of rushing to the store to purchase a chemical cleanser, just check if you have some oranges or lemons and vinegar. Thanks to these simple ingredients you will prepare a great smelling cleaning fluid. However, in case this happens when you have started the deep post tenancy clean up, you should examine the level of dirtiness very well. In case the situation is really bad, you will need a stronger detergent. Otherwise, your landlord won’t be satisfied.

  • Citrus peels are very useful in the garden too. There is no better addition to your compost pile than citrus peels. In order to stimulate their faster degradation, chop them into little pieces. As a result, your compost pile won’t smell awful, but really fresh. According to some people, the decomposition will be slowed down due to antibacterial properties of the orange oil. Other gardeners and housekeepers claim this is an “urban myth”, so you can tell for yourself after you try this method. If you have a fluffy cat and it often uses your garden for a litter box and digging, solve the problem with the help of citrus peels. All you need to do is to place some peels in your garden and your pet will stay far from your flowers. You have an anthill in your garden that is causing you trouble? Just put the peels of 2-3 oranges into a blender. Then pour a cup of warm water and blend the mixture. When it’s ready, pour it into the anthill.

For lack of time and space, we will stop here. However, you may find many other applications of citrus fruit peel. If you track down something interesting when it comes to usage of peels in your home and garden, please don’t hesitate to share with us!

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