14 Shower Tips You Would Love

August 5th, 2016
Alec Rogers

14 shower tips you would loveTaking a shower is not a rocket science but yet there are some tips you may find useful. From cleaning tricks to making your bathroom sparkling to some shower hacks for better shaving, this article will be your guide you would love. Read on.

  • Are you struggling to organise all of your toiletries in the shower? A great idea is to use an ‘over-the-door’ shoe organiser and place your shampoo, body lotions, razors, masks and other products you probably have scattered all around your bathroom. Opt for a mesh organiser so that water can drain from the pockets. You will see what convenience this trick brings!
  • How often do you wash and change your loofah? If you use one, dermatologists advise to change it once a month in order to avoid any skin irritation and other skin issues. If possible let your loofah dry completely in between uses – otherwise, the chances of accumulation of mould and mildew are very high. Some people use washcloths – if you are among them, don`t use it on your face as some breakouts or dry areas may occur.
  • A little trick you may found helpful is on preventing rust from your shower floors and sinks when usually bottles of shaving cream, hair sprays and other metal containers are kept. In order to prevent a rusty residue, you should paint the bottoms of these products with a clear nail polish – simple like that!
  • Unfortunately, if this was the first time you hear this rust-preventing method, you may have to deal with rust stains on your ceramic tiles in the shower. If you want to deep clean your home or you are ahead of a recent removal and you need to perform an end of tenancy cleaning, read on and check this natural way of cleaning rust stains. Apply a paste of equal parts borax or salt and lemon juice on the spot and let it dry. Rinse off thoroughly afterwards. If you have to remove rusty stains from linoleum flooring, use rubbing alcohol.
  • If you want to make your bathroom smell amazing, all you have to do is take your favourite essential oil and put a few drops on the cardboard of your toilet roll. We recommend using lavender or lemon but vanilla and pine essential oils are also a good idea for the bathroom.
  • Dry your hair using an old cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. It is much more gentle and it is a widespread fact that wet hair is more prone to breaking than dry strands.
  • Do you know inexpensive methods of cleaning your shower head? Take a grapefruit, cut it in half and rub it all over the shower – the acid will make it shinier! Another option is to fill a plastic bag with white distilled vinegar and tie it around the shower head. Leave it for a couple of hours and when you remove it you will see that any water buildups will be gone and your shower will be sparkling!  
  • If you are short on space you can keep your products organised – hang a curtain rod and use clips to hang your stuff in there. No need to bend over or reach high for them – they will be right in front of you, ready for use!
  • Cleaning your bathroom mats is of utmost importance as mould and mildew can be the reason behind some health issues. However, are you aware how you should do it? Your local carpet cleaner recommends taking it out and keeping it in the sun for some time so the bacteria are eliminated. Give the rug a good shake and vacuum it off the debris. Some of the mats are suitable for machine washing but your safest bet would be to wash it by hand in a large sink or tub.
  • Do you know when is the best time to shave? Many people wrongly assume that doing that in the beginning of the shower is most appropriate. However, in order to get the closest shave and reduce the risk of ingrown hair, you should shave in the end of your shower. The pores will open, the hairs will be softened and you will get a nice result. Another tip is to use warm water and not hot as this may lead to swelling your follicles.
  • If you want to get rid of mould, act in advance. Wash your shower curtain with salt the first time you get it and they will never get mouldy. If you have missed this part, you can mix baking soda and laundry detergent and give them a good clean – it works for both vinyl and fabric curtains.
  • Speaking of curtains, why don`t you try using ribbons instead of hooks? It will give a whimsical accent and make your shower more joyful!
  • If you have just realised that you don`t have a shower cap and you are already in the showers, simply tie a plastic bag around your head and secure it with a knot or two. It`s not a long-term solution but it will do the job when you are in need. You can use the same method when you are making hair masks.
  • If you are short on time and you want to remove some wrinkles from your clothing, hang them in there while you are showering and the steam will do miracles with them.

Which one is your favourite shower trick? You should definitely give all of the aforementioned tips a try!

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