12 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Single Socks

August 30th, 2016
Tony Samic

12 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Single SocksIt`s still a mystery how exactly socks disappear in the washing cycle. Another common unfortunate scenario is to find a hole in the toe or heel of your favourite sock. The outcome is the same – you end up with a single sock wandering around your wardrobe without its mate.

When you are in such situation, don`t throw away the poor sock – give it a second life! Employ your old socks around the house and you will be amazed how many applications they have.

  • Let`s start with an obvious use – a cleaning tool that can be your truest assistant when you have to run house cleaning. Use it as a duster – you can efficiently clean your blinds with a sock slipped over your hand. Use some all-purpose detergent and wipe your home with a sock. The best part is that you can easily wash and reuse it.
  • If you have a dry erase board, don`t waste paper towel to clean it. An old sock will do a perfect job of erasing the marker. We heard that works on chalkboards, too.
  • You know these annoying rings that the bottles of detergents or cooking oil leave behind? You can eliminate their occurrence by making a bottle cover. There will be no spots on the kitchen countertop and in the cabinets.
  • If you have any crevices and inconvenient places such as underneath the refrigerator, attach a sock to the end of a long ruler or rod.
  • An interesting way to deal with fogged car windows is to use an old sock filled with kitty litter. Tie a secure knot and slip one more sock over it. Put the pouch on the windshield or anywhere around – this will absorb the moisture and the fog will stay away. Speaking of cars, because socks are very soft, you can use them to safely clean your car without any risk of scratching the finish.
  • When you are living on rent, there are a lot of things you have to figure and the whole process may be very stressful – finding a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company, packing your items, taking care of papers, etc. Well, your mateless socks wouldn`t do much about helping you change your address bill but you can take good use of them when packing your fragile wine glasses and other valuables. Just slip a sock onto a glass – a very efficient way to protect your set.
  • You can make a great soap holder using an old sock. You know how messy gardening can be – tie a soap in the sock and tie it onto the faucet in your garden. This will make cleaning your hands after a long day digging in the garden a piece of cake – every grime will be gone! You can also use the same technique in your bathroom – have your homemade body-scrubber. This can also be a way to collect soap slivers and make the best use of them.
  • Make your own muscle relaxing packs – socks filled with rice or beans can be heated in the microwave to make a warm compress. You can also add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil in it. Microwave for a minute with a glass of water – this is important because otherwise, the pack can catch on fire if it dries out after many uses. Place it on your sore muscles and you will get instant relief. You can also put the compress in the freezer to create a cold compress.
  • You can use old single socks to moisturise your hands and feet overnight. Pamper your hands with lotion and cover with socks. In the morning, you will have nice and soft skin.
  • You can prevent your wooden floors from scratching by slipping socks on the legs of the furniture during moving. For example, heavy dining chairs can be easily moved without any chance of scratching the floor by doing that. Also, have in mind that you can cut squares from old socks and put them under the legs of your sofa so they won`t create gouges.
  • You can polish your leather items using an old sock. Slip it over your hand and apply some leather moisturiser with it. Your leather shoes, purses, boots and your sofa can be pampered like that – if there is some excess of the product, buff with a clean sock. Is this doesn’t help, try using professional upholstery cleaning services.
  • Make a toy for your cat! Stuff a single sock with catnip and secure with a tight knot. Shape it like a ball and add a squeaker or a little bell to grab your cat`s attention. You can do a dog`s toy, too – make a ball out of 2 – 3 old socks so you can play fetch with your pup.

As you can see, there are a large number of uses of old single socks. Don`t toss them – reuse them. And is you didn`t like any of our suggestions, your kids will definitely enjoy making a few hand puppets.

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